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Whether you are a project manager, construction worker, student, small business owner, or a top CEO; Processes Made Easy (PME) can help you manage your time sensitive processes. If you work with MOP’s or SOW’s, then this software is a must. Through the “Log In Now” button above, you can create processes that are made up of one or more tasks. Each task can be configured with several options including assigning the task to a “responsible party” from your PME contact list. Each Responsible Party can then manage the status of the task via any IOS or Android device. Once a task is marked completed, the following task can be started and the system will automatically notify each person that is responsible for that particular task. Once the entire process has been completed, a summary email will be sent out to the contacts you deem necessary. The best part – anytime during the process, you can see instantly the status of the process or task and if the process is on-time or not. To start: log in above, create a process, and then “activate” the process to start it. Once you use this software, you will wonder how you ever did without it.


  • Complete Process Management

    • Manage Processes and Tasks step by step
    • Control processes from start to finish
    • List your processes in a List or Grid view
    • See a quick status of all your Processes on one screen
    • Get Push Notifications or emails of important status changes
    • See which Processes are pending, in-process, completed, or overdue.
    • Detailed Report at the completion of the process
    • Works on IOS and Android
  • Task Details

    • Use your mobile device to mark the start or completion of each task
    • Add notes to the task for future reference and reporting
    • Process Manager has complete insight into each task
    • Inform key personnel as to the status of each task
    • Keeps each task on-time which keeps the process on-time
    • Notifies key personnel including the Process Manager of task delays
    • The personnel completing the task can easily see how much time remains and can requests additional time
  • Process Detail

    • See each task related to a process
    • Quickly see which process tasks are assigned to you by color
    • Can contact the Process Manager directly from the App
    • Drill down into a specific task for more information
    • Helps communicate the status of each task throughout the process
    • Simple screens with the details needed at a glance

Great Desktop Features

  • Maintain control from start to finish of processes
  • Receive updates (start, ongoing, finish of tasks or of the full processes)
  • Invite others to use your processes for FREE
  • Create processes lists on web site and have updates sent to your mobile device
  • Do you have a question for us?

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  • How do I download the app from the app store?

    Simply click on the link below for your phone type and follow the prompts. If you have any problems or questions please visit our Support Forums for help.

  • What is the cost to use?

    Each process is $9.95. A process can be made up from one (1) task to hundreds of tasks. We do offer “bulk” purchases which lowers the cost per process. Login to the web portal and click on “Add Processes” for the latest in pricing.

  • Who can use this?

    Anyone! Life revolves around processes. This could be anything from homework assignments to large construction projects; from family chores to cooking recipes. Life revolves around doing certain tasks, in a certain order, by a certain person. This app can handle any size process. Basically, it is made for everyone.

  • Will this work on any mobile device?

    Currently the application only works on Apple IOS devices and Google’s Android devices.

  • Do you offer customer training?

    We do supply both onsite and web training on how to use the app and the web site. Please email support@processes-made-easy.com to schedule a session. We will soon be releasing “How to” videos as well so you can learn at your convenience.

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